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rd_to_wm_rp's Journal

The Road to Wrestlemania RP
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WrestleMania is to WWE as the Super Bowl is to the NFL, the World Series is to MLB, the Stanley Cup Finals is to the NHL, the NBA Finals is to the NBA, and the World Cup is to FIFA in the sense that it is the most important event of the year in sports entertainment. It is the largest and longest running of all major wrestling events in the world and has been described to be "The Granddaddy of Them All" or "The Showcase of the Immortals"

Any wrestler would give anything to join the ranks of André the Giant, Hulk Hogan, Mr. Perfect, Dusty Rhodes and many other greats of the sport. They get their chance. At WrestleMania. Bodies and egos will clash, and only one can emerge victorious…


- Characters can be any WWE superstar, past or present. Example: If you wanted to be The Rock, that would be fine. Also, you can be someone from another company, example: RVD or Kurt because they were both once in the WWE. We are always allowing Eddie Guerrero to be entered here. As long as it's tastefully done.
- This community is AIM based, so you must have a screen name.
- Please try to have your AIM SN and LJ Username relate to your character.
- RP will be done in third person storybook format.
- Use (), [], {} or || to distinguish when you are writing OOC. We do not need IC and OOC to mix and create more drama.
- Do not use netspeak, unless you are having your charcters chat over AIM even then please keep it to a minimum.
- Pregnancy is allowed, but please contact a MOD first. We don't want an overload of pregnancies. Mod details are at the bottom of the page.
- Update at least once every week. If you will be gone then please post in the OOC community to tell us about it so we know.
- If you start to slack on updating then you will be given a slight nudge. But taking advantage of this will get you removed.
- Do not kill off your character. If you wish to leave just make a post that you are leaving so we can put the character up for grabs again.
- Put up a disclaimer in you user profile. No one wants to get sued or have others think they're really their character. It gets annoying having crazy fans IMing you. If you don't know where the disclaimer is, please ask someone.
- Put your favorite song lyric in the subject line of the application if you have read and understand the rules.